Default Post, or "Making Sure This Journal Doesn't Qualify As A 'Blank Journal'."


I suppose the purpose of having a LiveJournal is to document daily life, but there's not much going on to document, and I'm not a blogger any more.

So. Instead of that this journal will serve as a means to read and access communities. After all, that's one reason to have a LiveJournal: community. Right?


For anyone out there who wants to know, here's some information about me.

Name: Tiger [No, you can't have my real name. Sorry.]

Age: 32.

Gender: Female.

Location: Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Email: striped_fox[at] [Mundane matters]; stripenfoxentoo[at] [RP matters].

IM: a modern mythos [AIM]; striped_fox [Y!M]. [For Pokémon-related purposes (though I might use it for things not related to Pokémon) I can be found on frostfoxen (not always in use, so you can still use my default AIM).]

And since I mentioned Pokémon, I think it would be prudent to mention my Friend Code for WiFi: 0215 9239 7229 [My Pearl FC; I still have not received one for my Diamond cartridge].

I hope that's sufficient for some people.

If there's something worth commenting on enough to make me use this journall I will, but don't expect any updates. I kind of lost that "daily blogging" vibe over two years ago now, and I don't expect to start doing that again.

This post is for those communities that do not accept "blank journals" [if there's questions RE journal status, please email me about it].

This entry will be modified as needed.
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